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Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 13 Little Blue Basket

There were some issues with this block for me so it took a little longer to get it done and photographed. This is a pattern I have made several times through the years and I always have difficulty with it; most often in the cutting size of those two rectangles in the lower corners.

Here is my second effort:

I thought about taking my block "on location" out into the woods and posing it with a basket but a quick glance out the window shows there is a strong breeze and the thermometer says 34 degrees so no location photo for week 13.

This is the first time that I have not faithfully followed the block instructions. You'll see on the BB site that she did not have a handle on the basket but the block looks incomplete to me without it so I decided mine would have a handle. I put that on in the traditional way of cutting a bias strip, feeding it through my 3/8" Clover bias maker and then hand appliqueing it down on both sides.

My collection of grey fabrics continues to increase but I have discovered that my thread collection (for hand applique) is not keeping pace. There was not even one spool of grey in my favored Mettler 60 weight thread collection but a blue one did the job.

Surely there will be an applique block show up soon!


Cheryl said...

One sweet looking basket! I like that subtle swirl on the grey fabric.

Dorry said...

Thank you! With my color theme I won't get many sweet looking blocks. I just now see that when I have made the block before the top of the basket is at the diagonal corner to corner point whereas this one comes higher up the block. Both grey fabrics here are Jinny Beyer ones.

rjlyons_uae said...

Looks great, I started mine today but have run into trouble! My sides are too short!

Dorry said...

Ka ching! That is where I have the problems also. So I went back in and made the seam with a smaller seam allowance. Of course this should not be happening but it does every time I make this block in whatever size. Now I know to watch out for the problem.