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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 11 London Square

Here we are at week 11 in the Barbara Brackman Civil War BOW. There are many interesting stories on her blog about lives and times during the war. A bonus is finding out all the different names that a traditional quilt block might have. The block for this week, for instance, is a variation of the Ocean Waves block. Often, it is the placement of the colors that changes what the block is called; the week 10 Lincoln's Platform is a good example of that notion.

But for this project purpose, the block of the week is London Square and here is my block:

For my lesson this week I have realized that when I am going to use a stripe/directional fabric I would do well to pay attention to the way the stripes go. While I did recut one of the small medium blue triangles so those all went in the same direction, the large one is going the other way. Shall I recut it? Maybe later. Will I pay better attention next time I use that fabric? Absolutely. But since my block did have good sharp points and the perfect size I am less inclined to fiddle with it.

Are you visiting the flickr page on the BB Civil War blog? I notice that for the block this week most everyone who is posting their block photo has laid out the colors/shades in the same way as suggested by Barbara Brackman. That is not always the case.

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Cheryl said...

In your photo, the stripe is so subtle it hardly matters - it might have mattered if you'd mixed it up in the small triangles, but I think given the disparity in size, the difference looks fine.