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Monday, March 7, 2011

Red and White Quilts

There is an outstanding exhibit of a collection of red and white quilts about to open at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. While we can all dream about going to see it the reality is many of us will not be there. But we can still make our own fun by viewing all the beauties on display in the world of blogging.

Taryn of Repro Quilt Lover is hosting a bloggers' display of red and white quilts and is inviting others bloggers to send a link to show their red and white quilts.

My first red and white quilt "Little Red Schoolhouse" was made in 1983 (or was that 1984? for shame, my label does not include the date). There had been a house quilt on the front cover of Quilters Newsletter Magazine that I admired; I seem to recall that quilt as being blue and white, and certainly it was a larger size than mine. The piecing was all done by machine and then I added some hand embroidery to embellish each house. And, I even hand quilted this one which makes it unusual as that happened very seldom.

I am adding this closeup to show you the small amount of embellishing I did do. Each block had something added to it. In this block the fabric had paw prints all over it so I added a black cat sitting at the door.

This quilt was made while I was living in Barranquilla, Colombia. At the time I did not have a lot of things I could do and as a result I could spend hours each day working on my hand quilting.

My next quilt was made as a round robin quilt during the time I lived in Melbourne, Australia. The summers were very hot and I named this quilt "Red Hot Melbourne". Once the quilt top had been to every quilter I need to get it finished. This was a very early attempt at machine quilting. I decided to add buttons and charms in one of the borders to remind me of things that happened while we lived in Melbourne. This quilt was made in 1997 by my quilt Bee "Crosstown Quilters".

The quilt is not quite as off square as this photo would suggest. You can see my friends were very creative with their additions: included are needle turn applique, yoyo flowers, buttonhole applique, traditional and paper foundation piecing.

I do like red and white quilts. Red has been a long time favorite color of mine and many of my quilts will include red somewhere in them. I'm looking forward to browsing all the blog postings of red and white quilts and thank Taryn for her idea.


Taryn said...

Hi Dorry, I am a big fan of house quilts and yours is adorable with your little touches of window sashing and the cat. Thanks for adding to the online exhibit!

Cheryl said...

What a delightful accent that pieced border adds to your Schoolhouses! It looks to me like you have quite the collection of Round Robin quilts - that means there must be 5 or 6 times as many out there in the world with your stamp on them, doesn't it? What a show that would make!

KarenQuilt said...

Good job! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Fun to see everyone's red and white quilts. I rarely make quilts but do know how so it sure makes me appreciate all that goes into the making of them!

Sharon said...

Hi there, love your house blocks, the stitching touches are fabulous, really makes it your own and unique.