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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week Nine Birds in the Air

Oops I'm a little tardy this week but I have a reason - I was away from home for five days at a Quilt Fest. It was a grand chance to enjoy looking at a wide variety of quilts, visit lots of vendors and just enjoy being with my quilt friends. And if I added some blue and grey fat quarters to my fabric collection well, you won't tell will you?!

So here it is Tuesday and I have my block ready to show you:

Since this block is most often shown set on point I chose to photograph it that way. I had a pleasant set of grey fabrics ready to cut and sew for this one but with today being the first day of March (the month when spring begins) and a sunny one at that, the grey got set aside for a brighter selection in blue.

On the down side while I was out and about I stopped in at the fabric store to purchase some more of my selected pale grey background fabric which I plan to use in each block. Horrors, it is part of the Jinny Beyer Palette # 9 and they are now stocking palette # 10 and this fabric is no longer available. Not to worry, I still have quite a lot left but if I do run out I will just have to substitute the pale grey that replaced it in the # 10 palette.

How is your progress on this BOW?


Cheryl said...

I thought I posted this comment earlier - was this floral in your collection, or was it a more recent acquisition?

Dorry said...

That big floral was already in the collection and patiently waiting to be used.