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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Third Round Robin

For this round robin we returned to a traditional medallion format. We asked each robin to tell us what style of block they would offer to make for another robin and to tell us what style of block they would love to have as a center in a quilt but would not make themselves. The offers and requests were matched up and those became the medallion center.

Subsequent rounds were essentially following the traditional format although of course not everyone kept to a traditional style e.g. the medallion center was not exactly in the center for one quilt and, in some, an applique embellishment was added over the top of a pieced round previously done.

We were six robins for this round robin but we never actually made anything for our own quilt i.e. there were five rounds/turns on each quilt. The owner supplied two fabrics as well as the request for the first/center block.

I named my quilt "Code Orange goes to Code Red" in advance. At that time the name was chosen because the weather people came up with codes for how hot the summer day was going to be - code red meant really hot and humid and unpleasant - but also because one of my chosen fabrics featured orange and red. However, during this robin the 911 attacks occurred in the USA (the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the downed plane in Pennsylvania) and the name took on an entire new meaning as colors were used to indicate the perceived threat level of another attack.

Judy had fun in round two by using some precious fabric from her collection and fussy cutting the bugs to remind us of the joys of what hot and humid weather brings.

I'm not sure if you can really see them in this detail shot above but you can get the idea certainly.

My request was for a needle turn applique center in the style of yesteryear but in the fresh colors of the 21st century. The fabrics supplied were the pale green background of the center and the bold red used extensively. Of course the amount of that latter fabric I supplied was not sufficient but the ever resourceful robin who needed more searched online for that fabric and found it in Canada as I recall.

The challenges in our round robins are not always confined to just cutting fabric and sewing it!


Taryn said...

That quilt is such a treasure! I's wanted to do pomegranates/love apples for ages I love your design in the center. And I cannot believe the care taken in fussy cutting all those bugs.

Judy said...

What a beautiful quilt. I had forgotten all those flies!! I will send a picture of my 3rd quilt in an email. You made my center....Feathered Star!!
I like your red and white quilts s well!!