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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 31 Empty Spools

I needed some time at the sewing machine today so I got this weeks block done on the day it came out.

There are weeks it is a real challenge to keep my own rules. And this was one of those weeks. I made the block to the 8" size and I used my background in the right place. But I just did not like how the block looked following the instructions on the BB posting with all those seams in the middle of the spool. So I disregarded the instructions and made the block with a center square for the spool part even though I had those corner diagonal seams to achieve. Several others had used a striped fabric to represent the thread on the spool and I liked that idea despite the title of the block being Empty Spools.

My technical director has just fixed me up with Willie Nelson playing on the computer speakers so I just might go back into the sewing room and search out some fabrics for last weeks block. And I can hear Willie while I get a start on that block.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 29 Railroad Crossing

I'm a little late and out of order but anyway, here is the block for week 29. When I had all the blocks out for week 26 I noticed that there was only one that had used this dark grey so I needed to use it again so it did not stand out too much.

As always, my stitching is better than my photography. The two small silver dots near the top are the pins holding the block down.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 27 Irish Chain

For this week's block I decided it was going to be all about the fabric - the motif on the fabric rather than the color of the fabric. Had I been following my own recent rule this should have used a blue fabric in the square areas as this is a Union block. But I had been recently gifted this great fabric with shamrocks on it and it seemed serendipitous for this week.

There was an amount of fussy cutting. And sadly, as I finished the last seam I discovered a mistake. For right now I am going to leave it. But I might have to let my conscience win out and fix the error at a later time.

Would you fix this mistake?