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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 31 Empty Spools

I needed some time at the sewing machine today so I got this weeks block done on the day it came out.

There are weeks it is a real challenge to keep my own rules. And this was one of those weeks. I made the block to the 8" size and I used my background in the right place. But I just did not like how the block looked following the instructions on the BB posting with all those seams in the middle of the spool. So I disregarded the instructions and made the block with a center square for the spool part even though I had those corner diagonal seams to achieve. Several others had used a striped fabric to represent the thread on the spool and I liked that idea despite the title of the block being Empty Spools.

My technical director has just fixed me up with Willie Nelson playing on the computer speakers so I just might go back into the sewing room and search out some fabrics for last weeks block. And I can hear Willie while I get a start on that block.


Cheryl said...

Done with the stripe this way, the 8-inch block does appear to be a spool. The entire appearance is more restful....even if you did have to make four of the dreaded "y" seams to achieve it.

Rhonda said...

Ya I like it that way too, guess I wasn't very imaginative this morning, I really may have to re-do this one. Oh well, at least I did it!

Sherrye said...

I like how the stripe represents the thread (even if it was supposed to be empty)! Pretty color blends, too.