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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Second Round Robin

For our second effort we were still a group of six but Kirsty had decided she could not take the heat so stepped aside and Rhonda eagerly jumped into the frying pan!

This robin was all about making blocks, that is until we got to the ultimate round when you had to make the border. The first few rounds had robins making a number of blocks; the size and number of blocks changed each round although they always added up to something that would equal 12" x 12" I'm recalling (h'mm later rounds got bigger). Let me think and see if I can recreate: round 1 had the owner make 4 blocks at 6" each, round 2 was 9 blocks at 4", round 3 was 1 block at 8" and then "some other blocks" (I'm losing the plot here), round 4 was 1 block at 12" and six at 4", round 5 was a big round as you had to make blocks plus you had to put all the blocks made so far together (and that likely meant you had to make more blocks to make the puzzle fit together) and then the final round was to put a border on the entire piece. The owner got to supply two fabrics and could say one "do" and one "don't" about their top.

I had somewhat of a contest going to name my quilt, although at the end the name "A Little Green Kiwi" was a name I came up with. Here is the result:

Just like giving birth, after all these years the result is lovely and I forget what pain there might have been in putting it together (i.e. giving birth to the robin top!). Remember this one is mine - I put the blocks together for another robin (who was it?) and then had the border to create for, I think, Rhonda's top.

Judy and Rhonda have already said this 2nd round robin was a favorite and I think mine came out pretty darn well also.


Cheryl said...

Our friend Ann Weber of the Gingham Girls would have liked this very much I think! For me it's like revisiting an old friend.

Dorry said...

ooh, ooh, ooh, I should have put right in the posting that the wonderful quilter was, of course, Cheryl. And seeing this posting will remind Rhonda of the "happy time" she had with the border - it did give her the vapors but oh, it was so successful! She can probably still tell us how many 1/2 square triangles she had to square up!

Judy said...

It is wonderful to see the "Kermit" quilt. I remember singing..."It's not easy being green" from Sesame Street. I stressed over my contribution, but, like you, I can't remember the 'pain'. Maybe that is why we keep doing this!!!xx

ladybird said...

I really like this quilt too Dorry - I am glad that you girls are admitting to some PAIN aka STRESS putting it together!! The small blocks look fabulous with the little ones - and as I love foundation piecing this quilt really appeals to me.

ladybird said...

ooops I meant to say big blocks look fabulous with the little ones!!