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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Winning Evening

Last night was the speaker meeting for the quilt chapter I belong to. The previous meeting had been canceled because of inclement weather (as they politely say) so we had lots to get through on the agenda with a quick go round of business before settling in to listen to the speaker.

Remember those Northwinds and Tree blocks I was making for our BOM and showed you a few posts back? I won back the collection of the Northwinds blocks. This caused some merriment as they all know I am the green afficianado and I got the blue blocks while two others won the small green tree blocks. All good fun and these can go rest in my cupboard for a while until I feel I need to work on a WIP as it certainly does not qualify as a PhD!

Scattered next to the blocks are more triangles that I had cut so I'll store them along with the blocks ready to make some more.

Our speaker was Mary Kerr who gave a presentation on her "Vintage Revisited" project that she initiated with a group of 19 quilters beginning in 2006. I have seen many of the resulting 120 quilts since seeing the first ones on display at a quilt show in 2008 and have been harboring a desire to do something similar. At a flea market/antique show I go to now and then I have been searching out collections of old blocks for this purpose. When I put forward this idea to my international group of quilters a couple of years back they were not enthusiastic and I was disappointed but I carried my set of old blocks home again and put them in the cupboard.

Mary's talk was well received and the meeting finished later than usual as there was quite a buzz among the audience about what they had seen. So I was quite delighted when two friends came up to me as we were clearing up and said "hey Dorry, do you still have those blocks? We'd do this with you." Another friend nearby, hearing this chimed in that she'd want to do it also. And as soon as I got home I emailed another friend who has been waiting to do this with me also and let her have the good news. Hooray, I have the beginnings of another new project! It will be a few months before we start as I need to gather my thoughts and my potential group.

If you are wondering what this is all about go to Mary's webpage and read all about what she did.

It was a great meeting for a cold January night - I won some blocks and got another project idea off the ground. No comments please on whether I actually need two more projects!


rjlyons_uae said...

well I'm sure you need at least 2 more projects to do! After All we wouldn't want you to be bored!

I of course love the blue blocks!

What do you have in mind for the antique blocks?


Dorry said...

Did you click on the link to Mary's webpage?