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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inaugural posting

I have been a quilter for a very long time and in the past many months have contemplated joining with the multitude of quilters worldwide who have their very own blog.

My thinking is to post photos of and words about : ideas for projects, blocks I make, quilt tops in progress, or even - gasp - finish, links to other quilting sites, quilt books I read, events in my quilting world both near and far...or whatever I think fits my header.

The impetus to do this was my invitation to my international round robin friends to join with me in making the Civil War blocks as posted on quilt historian Barbara Brackman's blog

Surprisingly, several of my robin friends are going to join with me in making a block a week. I'm going to post photos here of my blocks and I hope they will come visit. Perhaps there will be other readers who are also following along with this year long project, find this blog and add in their comments.

But, I hasten to add, I don't want to limit this to only the Civil War blocks. Let the cuttings fall where they may and may all scraps be useful!

Kia Ora to each and every one of you!



rjlyons_uae said...

Hey! Dorry, now you have a follower! This is not however getting my block sewn! so off to the sewing room I go


Kerry said...

Nice blog page design. I fondly remember the summer day at Parua Bay when you took this photo as a wedding party was assembling and the bride was due to arrive by boat at the end of the jetty. Quintessential Northland!

Alas I have decided not to join this challenge but to work on my Rarotongan quilts which I have a greater incentive to complete. I look forward to following this blog with sisterly interest however - KLP

Dorry said...

About the blog page design. I owe big thanks to my Technical Director who sat here and worked the keyboard while I sat alongside choosing colors, backgrounds,sizes and more.

Thanks Mr TD - you do great work!

db said...

Love your header Dorry. I bet the pohutukawas are in full bloom right

I have joined the challenge, but selectively! There are no Civil War connections for this expat Kiwi chick.