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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week One of the Civil War Quilt

I decided that to be in on this project I did not want to go out and buy more fabric. There exists a large amount of civil war reproduction fabrics but they are not well represented in my collection.

(side note, I used to say I had a stash but I read that I should recalibrate my thinking - what I have is a collection, something to be proud of and something to be used. Stash has connotations of something that needs to be hidden away but my fabric is crying out "use me". And so I shall do just that.)

My thinking is to make my blocks using fabrics from the blue and grey color families to represent the colors of the uniforms of both sides in the war. Being neither born into a Confederate or a Union family and having lived in both New Jersey and Virginia I sit neatly on the fence.

So blue and grey it shall be.

Here is my week one block "Catch Me If You Can".



Cheryl said...

After I sent my message a day or two ago to the RR group, I thought drat it, I used that silly word "stash" - and my collection - which has mostly 1/2 yard and fat quarter cuts - doesn't even qualify - it takes up only a few of the smallish drawers in my office storage system! Your blue and grey is a pretty combination and very appropriate choice!

Judy said...

I love the idea of using blue and grey. Very clever! I should mention that some of my fabric is in a collection and some is in a "stash"..under the bed in boxes....

ladybird said...

Your block looks great Dorry. We will all be making different combinations of fabric styles and colours I think. What a great idea you had to start 2011 off with. With the RR's encouragement I hope we will all complete the 52 blocks.