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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sorting through the Collection

Yesterday was an icy day but I needed a particular piece of fabric for my project. Traffic reports said there was a lot of ice and slush out there and only to go out if you have to. So I thought I should drag the entire batik collection out of my cupboard and see if I might be able to find what I needed there. No such luck. All I found was that I have a lot of batik fabrics that need using! Before just pushing it all back in I thought I should sort and restack it. Trying to decide which color family some of those batiks belong in was not easy. And this lead me to wonder about how other quilters sort and store their fabric collections.

Here is the newly sorted and stacked batik collection. I really do need to make a quilt in the blue family don't I? And I better not get distracted about the solids which live on the lower shelf because that is in need of tidying too.

A while ago I decided that it would be a good idea to store all the stripes and the spots in one place rather than in the color family where they had previously resided. I do still come across more stripes and spots living on their color shelf and in need of relocation. I'm finding it easier to use those stripes and spots now they are all together even if the shelves are not photo ready all the time. And there is a lot more space for more to be added. Of course the overflow from the green cupboard would then have to be dealt with.

So I drove to the quilt shop anyway. The worst part of the trip was my own icy driveway and after that the roads were not a problem. The fabric I needed was for the centers of the blue morning glory flowers on the left in this progress photo below.

How do you sort and store your fabric collection?

And have you guessed the name of my project?

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