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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week Two of the Civil War Quilt Blocks

This morning, as promised, Barbara Brackman posted her week two block on her page. The block is an old favorite of quilters; for this situation Barbara has called it the North Star.

As my plan for the day was to go to my quilt group's Saturday Sewing I was all set with my fabrics to chose from to make the block while there. Off I went and, for me, my day was quite productive. I got my week two Civil War block sewn. Once I got home again I was looking at the BB blog again and in one of the blocks already shown I recognised a fabric as one I also have and thought, oh, maybe I could have used that fabric. So I made another block. I'll figure out which one to use later on.

One of the center fabrics has words on it that you might be able to read, but if not the words include: Freedom, Victory, Life, Happiness, Liberty. I thought those words would all be apt.

I'm also enjoying using the grey fabrics as they remind me of a quilt top I made a few summers ago for Cheryl. I needed a selection of grey fabrics to represent all the rocks that appear on her property so I made a concerted effort to expand the grey section in my fabric collection.



ladybird said...

I think you need an extra few blocks to make up the quilt top as suggested by BB, so you may not have to discard one of the North Star blocks Dorry. You are super speedy with the sewing!!

Judy said...

I like both blocks! You were very productive during your sewing day! I wish we had a library that was open until 6pm on a Saturday!