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Sunday, January 23, 2011

About the week 4 block Texas Tears

I was reading the comments on the BB Civil War block this morning and noticing that several people commented on the challenges of making that block. There was also a comment from one reader about the difference between the block BB originally showed at the top of the Saturday post and the one further down - the reader says there were small differences and BB must have agreed because she has removed the original first picture of the block.

Yesterday I had taken out my copy of Jinny Beyer's "Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns" intending to look for this block but did not get to it. However, this afternoon I did and I see that Jinny shows several similar blocks. The one that looks the most like the week 4 block is called "Crowned Cross" or "Four T's" and is credited to Nancy Page in 1938. The block that Jinny shows as being named "Texas Tears" does not have the T imagery.

And that's okay. A lot of quilt blocks have different names often particular to one geographical area. It is interesting (to me anyway) to find out about the history of a block and, sometimes, to give it some new history. That is what I am doing by making my "Civil War Quilt" not in fabrics that go with the era but colors that were integral to the war.

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Cheryl said...

I think yours will end up a thoroughly modern sort of quilt, with the clearness of the grays you are using. Very nice combination of fabrics.