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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Conundrums

Oh, the 7 Sisters block has me a little flummoxed while I try to figure out what fabrics I want to use.

In the meantime here is another work in progress project that I am at the pondering stage with:

The bird house will have a pole and the morning glory flowers on the left will likely have centers and maybe even some leaves. But my bigger question was if I have enough flowers. Since I took the photo I thought that perhaps I could have a clematis vine climbing up the birdhouse post and then taking off to the right with a purple clematis flower in the space above the brown-eyed susan flowers.

Briefly, let me give you the background story of this quilt. It is for our President's Challenge this year. The challenge is called Color My Quilt with Song. We each chose a brown bag which had the title of a song on the outside - all the song titles had a color word in them. Inside the bag were two fat quarters some of which have to be used in the quilt. Something musical has to appear on the quilt, the songtitle/lyrics/singer/band can be used for inspiration and the color in the song title has to be the focal color of the quilt.

So, will I make you guess my title?

In return you can offer your opinions of how many more flowers I might need. I was trying to make them flowers that are found in my garden.

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Cheryl said...

Since I know about the challenge, I won't give the title away. I'm commenting here to say on second thought, paying particular attention to what's going to happen with the flying geese border, I still agree with my first thoughts on this. 'Nuf said.