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Friday, June 7, 2013

Dixie Diary - Month Six

This month, the story about our heroine Sarah Morgan sees her pining for her home in Baton Rouge. Alas, she never again was to see that beloved place. This was likely better for her memories as the soldiers had plundered homes and made off with all the comforts to be found therein.

And so the block for this month is titled Dreams of Home. The original name for this block, when shaded in this way, is A Simple Quilt Block.

 Although most everyone else made this block using only two fabrics I decided to use four because I wanted a light and medium from both the pink and grey. But mainly because I just really wanted to use that pale grey with the pink motif on it despite the extra time it took to fussy cut it.

When looking back at what I wrote about the Month 5 Dixie Diary block I see I mentioned trying to get comfortable with using pink. I'm wondering if I have gone a little too far in that quest when I look at the fabrics I purchased in recent weeks! Alas, pink and brown is entering the project lineup judging by this pile.

 Only two of these fabrics are headed for the Dixie Diary pile to be honest. The rest - well they were to audition for another project I'm currently sewing.

And here, I have just written a blurb about my quilting style and said I use traditional patterns colored in a fresh/contemporary way. Not that you'd know it looking at this pile!

Oh well. It's the pleasure I get from it all that is the most important.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

What a great block - that's a really special print there, the gray with the pink and gray motifs... fleur de lis or whatever they are!
Your new fabrics have a warm and pretty appeal - can't wait to see what's to become of them!