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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Block 40 Art Square - Women in a Box

This week the discussion/history lesson is about the struggle women artists had to be accepted.

 The block was an easy one to make. However, finding the fabrics for it was not so easy as there is that very large on point square dominating the block. I went back to this fabric that I had bought for this project before the weekly block sewing began. There are some lovely colors (including blue, which I have to cut around!) and blooms in the fabric and I thought it could stand alone as being somewhat like a painting.

For my posed photo I decided to pair my block with a piece by one of my favorite female artists, my friend Jill Banks. She is most decidedly taken seriously as an artist.

Gotta dash, it is our annual quilt show this weekend and this is the last day. Yesterday, once I got home, I found out I had two new potential quilt projects in my future so I need to go back to the show today to fabric hunt. It's always good to have something specific to find in the vendor booths.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your large print, so carefully positioned, does make an artful effect. It's nice to have it for scale in the photo with the painting in your vignette.