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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Block 42 - Cat and Mice: Hunger Strikes

Oh my goodness, those British Suffrage women really suffered for their cause. The story in this week's history lesson about the way the British suffragettes who were arrested and thrown into prison were treated made for harrowing reading what with the starvation and then the forced feeding.

I was really quite appalled by what I read and felt compelled to give long and careful consideration to choosing my fabrics as a result.

What I settled on was a stripe to represent the prison bars, a dot to recognize that those imprisoned must surely have gone dotty being subjected to the treatment they were and a bold and strong floral to depict the vigorous way the women dealt with their cause but yet held on to their feminism.

Last week I did not add my usual posed photo so this week I felt somewhat of a pressure to make up for that lack and set out to have a little fun with my setup.
Not being a cat owner nor having any (real) mice I could round up this setup gave me a spot of fun at the end of the day. The cat bunting was created by my niece Jennifer and sent to me for my birthday back in April. A foraging raid downstairs resulted in a few old, decrepit mice. Oops, one has lost it's tail; must have had a close call with one of the cats.

Only seven more blocks to go to see this project through to the end. I have my setting worked out and cutting and stitching has begun along with sourcing just the right embellishments. Please do continue to follow my project.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

The stripe really is effective used in those side triangles - and the deck rail supports echo the theme in your photo. The scene evokes a smile and sweetly removes removes the image left by the history lesson.