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Monday, June 10, 2013

Block 41 Contrary Wife - Frances Kemble Butler

We are edging closer to the last block in this project which will be block 49. Everyone is wondering what styles of blocks remain - will they be applique or tricky pieced?

The block this week was relatively easy - aside from the math involved when you have a 9 patch block that needs to be an 8" finished block. Given that we had already had a Contrary Husband block it was thought we needed to also have the Contrary Wife - the story about Frances seemed to depict a couple who were patently unsuited to being married to each other from the beginning rather than the wife being just a little contrary however.

In choosing fabrics I hunted through the pile for fabrics with a motif that seemed a little contrary rather than uniform and consistent.  That pile for this project remains quite extensive and I guess I am going to be trying to find ways to use these greens and purples in future quilts for quite some time.

Given that I am already a couple of days behind schedule in getting this post up I am not going to delay it further while I wait for inspiration to present me with a fun posed photo. Maybe next week I'll have a couple of shots to make up for missing one today.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

The "contrary wife" theme is not conducive to a good scene. Perhaps next week there will be something more inspiring and "she" can just watch from a safe distance, as poor Fanny had to do with her children. But your block is beautiful and will just flow with your quilt regardless of marital status or personality differences she represents!