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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Block 43 Gentleman's Fancy - Dropping from the Clouds

Oops, I have just realized I have not yet written this posting about the block for last Saturday's Grandmother's choice block of the week. I was out of town for the weekend and although I got my block made on Monday I somehow never got to showing it here.

The block was quite similar to the one made for block 38 so I needed to avoid repeating using the same fabrics as I had then. Because we are getting near to the end of our set of 49 blocks I also thought I should review what fabrics I had used only once as a center so they would not appear dominant in the finished quilt.

In block 16 I used this argyle print and it has not been seen since. With this block 43 having a masculine title I thought the argyle would give a suitably masculine look and overall I wanted to avoid floral fabrics - well aside from my usual background fabric that I use in every block.

Looking at the flickr site this is one of those blocks that changes appearance quite markedly depending on where the lights, mediums and darks are placed.

Sorry, this late in the week I don't have a posed photo for the post.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Nice work centering your argyle in this lovely block!