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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Block 6 - Aunt Eliza's Star - Child Custody

While I was reading the post this morning about how children were automatically "given" to the father in separation/divorce situations I knew the fabric in my collection that I had to use as the center piece for this block.

Looking back in my family names both Eliza and Elizabeth pop up; not as aunts but as my grandmothers so I felt there were a lot of connections with the block this week.

And the Eliza and Elizabeth lived in the South Island.

I persevered with the 1/16th inch dimensions for this week and I was very pleased with how my block turned out.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

I don't know where you found that fabric, but it is perfect for this block - right size, right color, right theme. Lovely work.

Pip said...

I concur, that is perfect fabric for this block, love the stripes you have used as well.