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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Strawberries and Cream

Now that my internet connection is back after the big storm I thought I might treat myself to an hour or so in the sewing room playing with this project.  You might recall my red and white project began in a workshop I was lucky enough to be able to take with Jo Morton back in April. Her quilt from this pattern is Rhubarb Crisp.

Now that I have enough flying geese sash strips made (with a few over to allow for changeouts if I have two fabrics the same too near each other) it is time to stick it up on the wall and move the blocks around. This will also allow me time to ponder what I want to do in the corner stones.

So here is what I currently have; please note I just put them up and  obviously I am going to take the time to move them around to see if they are happier elsewhere. But my basic plan is for the center four stars to be white on white, the next row out is cream on cream stars and the final outer ring of stars is red on cream/white.

I have cut and placed a few red squares to audition cornerstones towards the lower edge - I was doing the same with cream squares but  then I realized the design wall background essentially does the same thing.

In Jo's pattern the geese all fly from east to west and north to south but as you can see I am switching that around and they alternate between flying towards the cornerstone and away from the cornerstone. At the moment I'm leaning towards putting white/cream squares for the cornerstones when the geese fly away and red when they fly towards each other but feel free to give your input!

Another decision still to be made is the outside border. It could just be a plain (i.e.un-pieced) one. It could be un-pieced but with cornerstones (those two blocks that seem to have fallen off the lower edge are samples for that when I would make the stars from red plaid/checked fabric). Or another thought is to make a (berry) basket block cornerstone to tie in with the name.

Now I'll post this for you to look at and I'll go back into the sewing room and move pieces around.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

They always, ALWAYS - look better in fabric than in a computer mockup. Is the Strawberries and Cream name yours, or is that Jo Morton's name?

Jo Morton said...

Happy to see you are making progress on your red and white version - it is beautiful! Jo