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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Challenge on display

Last year I gathered a group of 13 friends and asked them to join me in a challenge to take an old/vintage block and make a new, 24" x 24" quilt out of it.  We are all enjoying the challenge and are currently working on our fourth block. The challenge is called "The June Bride" and each block project has a title that is something to do with a wedding.

In early October a local church has it's annual Country Fair; as part of that they stage a quilt show in the church. What more fitting location could there be to display the June Bride than in the altar area of the church?

 Space limitations allowed us to hang 28 of the quilts so I had to choose only nine from each of The Bridal Shower and Tuxedo Rental Time which hung on the racks.
 Ten quilts from The Rehearsal Dinner hung on the altar rail.

Below you can see the display board I had to show the vintage blocks that we all started with.

It has been a lot of fun so far to work on this challenge. Right now our block is a red and white basket block and the theme is Baskets for the Bridesmaids.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Wow - what a great showing of these little gem quilts!! (O.k. I saw the photos before but they still make a great impact!)

Sheila said...

what a wonderful thing to do. The display looks fabulous, perfect setting for the "June Bride" blocks