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Monday, October 22, 2012

Eight Blocks all together now

H'mm, that makes it sound as though I have all eight sewn together. I do not. But I wanted to see how they look together as a unit.

The blocks are arranged in the order they have been sewn.

We got a discount card from the nearby fabric store while we were at retreat so I thought it was silly not to use it. I went into the shop thinking I should look for red checked fabric for the cornerstones of my red and white quilt but I came out with fabric potentials for sashing for the Grandmother's Choice project. Given that I had nothing with me to match colors I am quite pleased with the color choices I selected.

Here I have taken another photo of block 8, this time with natural daytime lighting - does it look that much different I wonder?


Cheryl Kotecki said...

The new photo gives a COMPLETELY different look - whereas, in the night-time-lit block your background appears almost pink, in this one it matches the yellow-greenish cast of your other photos. But I knew the pinkish color did not belong! It's harder to discern if there's a change to the greens.

Great to see them all together like this - your Amethyst points, even in the thumbnail size, are still a standout - as is the Kansas Sunflower, just for the complexity (again looking at the thumbnail while I type) And the group just plays very well together. Can we assume the solid backgrounds are going to play in your setting?

Sherrye said...

Dorry, I like the lavender background. It seems to show off the blocks more than the green.