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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Block 5 New Jersey - Suffrage Pioneer

If it's not one thing, it's another.

Having lived in New Jersey I felt more of a sense of urgency to get this block completed on a timely basis than last weeks visit to Kansas.

I was very excited this morning to choose my fabrics but now it is done I am not sure if there is too much of the pale background fabric or not.

When piecing this I tried hard to be extremely accurate in my stitching. But at the end does it measure the correct size? That would be a no. It is slightly undersize.

And I left the New Zealand map in the box for this block and flipped to the New Jersey page. The Garden State is about more than the NJ Turnpike. The green (as well as being what I use every week!) speaks for all the gardens, trees and open space in that state.

But in explaining my opening sentence...I got the block photo posted on the group page on the flickr site but this week I just cannot seem to get it to appear on the discussion page no matter how often I cut and paste and use square brackets. So I'm heading back out to finish the errands and then I'll have another try later. Needless to say my TD is away from home this weekend.

(TD = Technical Director)


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Thanks for being so quick in posting - you did two things I was thinking would help me warm to this block - splitting the "x" with a small square in the center, and using a different fabric for the small triangles in the center. I do like it better this way and will be using your model as I chose fabrics for my New Jersey block.

Pip said...

I've been away in NZ and haven't made my block yet. Haven't even looked at Flickr yet either, your block is lovely, I don't think you have used too much background fabric and I love the little circle in the centre.