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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Block 3 - Union Square

So, this week did not work out quite as well in the colorways - if you look at the Grandmother's Choice blog you will see the full title this week is "Block 3 - Union Square - Red for Rebellion". Oops, I do not have red in my palette.

However, this block I have made is more in tune with what I had thought I was setting out to do; green and white with a touch of purple.  Of course since I make the rules I can break them too when I want.

 Again, no fussy cutting for me this week - it is all about the color.

And another thing for this week is that I have to stop taking so much time to agonize over my choices. Where to place this block on the map? The capital city of Wellington has not had a turn yet so here it is - albeit half hidden.

I have been out and about today as the weather was quite spectacular. This morning I was in a local park and saw my color scheme yet again in this scene - it's either a patch of weeds or a wildflower meadow; take your pick. I see purple, green and white.

The fabric collection has been growing this week. I think it's time to fire the acquisition manager before the budget is totally blown!


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Pretty block - the photo too.
I am also finding difficulty with the Acquisition Management aspect of this project. I think it's because we don't know what to expect week-to-week and some of our internet colleagues set the bar quite high??

Pip said...

This block reminds me of greenstone, it has turned out really beautiful. I'm trying really hard not to acquire any more fabric for this project, I think I have quite enough already :)