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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Block One - Grandmother's Choice

I have not exactly gotten off to a flying start! Yesterday, when I had expected to start sewing my block, turned into a day out (I went to a market day at The Chartreuse Life...but that's a whole other story) so I got no sewing done. Then today I had no internet connection until after 2pm so hello, another distraction.

After agonizing over fabric choices for a time I came to the conclusion that I might as well go ahead and make two blocks.

Initially I had a vague plan to make the blocks green and white and then incorporate the purple in the setting. So this was the block that went with that plan:

 In trying to be creative I thought I might photograph my blocks on a map of New Zealand since that is the particular suffrage movement I have chosen to focus on. My maternal Grandmother, who emigrated from England, settled in Christchurch (seen to the lower right side of the block). My paternal Grandmother, born in New Zealand, lived mostly around the greater Oamaru area (seen to the center lower edge of the block)

Then I wondered what the block would look like if it had some purple in it. This block is titled Grandmother's Choice so could well be the logo for the whole project and thus I felt it needed some pizzazz. The top right corner of this block points to where I spent my childhood in Waikiekie.

Now of course I am not sure which way is the way to go.

The greater challenge comes next for I must see if I can figure out how to post this in the discussion area of the flickr site...

 Well, that was easier said than done for me. I "think" I may have put a photo in the group pool and the discussion page but I'm not too sure. And if I did, will I know how to do it again?

I better go to the kitchen and get the dinner started - I do know how to do that!


Cheryl Kotecki said...

The block with the purple is definitely more striking as it stands alone - but we know it will be in a quilt with a lot of activity. Nice work - the map makes a nice background!

Pip said...

You did put your photo in the discussion page, I saw it there. Flickr is a bit different to Blogger but once you have loaded photos a few times it will get easier.

I like both your blocks, but as Cheryl said the purple one is more striking. Maybe just use a bit of purple in some blocks that need an extra bit of pizaaz.