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Friday, August 31, 2012

Color Inspiration

It seems as though my color choice for the upcoming Grandmother's Choice BOW project was already decided in my subconsciousness when I have been shopping at the garden centers this past year.

Consider this plant pot that I saw every time I entered or left my garage last fall and this spring:

The purples and white look lovely with the green mint which is not quite the chartreuse color I am saying I am using but, hey, it's nature.  By mid August, the flowers may have changed but the basic color scheme has not;

 Magenta may have been invited along for the color party but the basic green white and purple thing is still happening. Or this summer pot on the deck;

Here I have laid out my fabrics as guided by the chartreuse page in Joen Wolfrom's book;

 Earlier this week I had to go to the quilt shop on another errand (yes, I had to!) and of course came home with just one or two more pieces of fabric. That big floral in the center is sort of what I had been looking for for weeks as it combines all three of my colors - it's just a shame about that extra blue flower but with fussy cutting this could turn out to be a winner.

I didn't buy all of those on Wednesday; most of the purples (red-violets to be more precise in my studies of  Joen Wolfrom comments and the Ives color wheel) were already in my collection but in getting ready for the big start tomorrow I realized I had not yet pre-washed the purples. I really like how they look laid out together.

In a half hearted way I have been trying to have a bit of a cleanup in the sewing room; putting away the greys and blues from the last BOW as well as the fabrics from the last two chapters of The June Bride and several piles from Holidays Inc. The reason it is half hearted is because the shelf space is already practically at capacity.

So what's a quilter to do? Start cutting and sewing I guess and/or go on a fabric diet.

You can also go here to see another reason I have chosen the color scheme I have for the upcoming BOW, Grandmother's Choice; cutting and sewing will begin with the posting of the first block bright and early tomorrow morning.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your green dots on purple looks very modern but is also a fortuitous find. This quilt is going to be beautiful!

And it is only fitting you should make this quilt to celebrate your Kiwi-ancestors leading the world in equal rights for women. Even if the block series' weekly stories are based more on events in the U.S. or England I think the inspiration of the success in NZ could only have helped the cause.

Sherrye said...

I love purples and greens together....reminds me of lavender and lilac, etc. Great smells!!