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Monday, April 8, 2013

Block 32 - Mr Roosevelt's Necktie

Oops, sorry. I went out for the day yesterday and did not get my post up before the end of the weekend.

 The tulips fabric was a gift to me from RCCheryl and I have been waiting and waiting to use it. This felt like it was finally a good time.

The block seems a little oddball to me.  Is the center square the knot in the bowtie? How many bowties do you see in my block - one or two?

Since Teddy Roosevelt was a big and bold fellow I felt like making a block that was bold while also having a feminine angle to it (use of the flowers) to portray that he was a supporter of giving women the right to vote.
My fun part each week is my posed photo. For sure this was going to be an obvious one to find props for. But although I have the tie collection from both my husband and my father-in-law to draw from it was clear that neither of them favored green or purple with florals being even more difficult to find! But a rummage through my own drawer resulted in several bowties dating back to the late 1970's/early 80's when I must have worn a lot of crisp blouses finished with a bowtie to my office job.

I really did not try to make a left handed photo when most everyone else went with the right tilt - there was a reason at the time.

The photo taking is sometimes more difficult than the block making!

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

The red tie with the purple tulip - how fun is that to go with your block! I would have guessed it went the other way 'round - you hunted up ties, then picked the block fabric but it seems like you were not home when you made this one and I bet you didn't remember that tie till you found it.

I think of this as a very strangely stylized bow tie with the tulip square in yours playing the part of the knot in the middle. It's the same as the traditional one we used for the June Bride Tuxedo Rental, except for the square in the corners. Maybe that square is an exaggeration of a dip in the loops of the bow, or you have the "strip" parts in addition to the two loops instead of two.The version I used with the twist was not original - so it looks like you tied the bow with two colors of strips. And that would make for a very conspicuous tie!!