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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Block 35 Granny's Choice - "Im an Anti"

The story behind the block for the Grandmothers choice project this week was about the ladies who opposed -in a very discreet and ladylike way of course - the entire concept of giving women the vote.

The block we have is Granny's Choice which shows as a large X mark such as might have been used to mark a ballot paper perhaps.  The project began in week 1 (last September) with the Grandmother's Choice block which is quite different.

With 14 more blocks to go I better use some more of the fabrics in my pile. This is the first time for either of those green fabrics.
I did not have a Granny - my two were called Nana but I really only have memories of one of these Nanas. My Nana was the wife of a farmer but once they retired and sold the farm they seemed to move house every few years. In each new house Nana planted a lavender bush in her garden and so, over the years as I have moved house, I have tried to do the same thing as a way to remember her. As we are only just into spring my lavender bushes are looking a little straggly but this is the best of them.
 I wandered around my garden wondering what other Granny style flowers I could pose my block with. This Bleeding Heart (dicentra) is in full bloom right now. This is the third one of these I have tried in my garden here and I have not previously had any success but this one seems to like this location.
Pansies are also an old favorite. My Granny's Bonnets (aquilegia or Columbine) are only just beginning to develop buds altho the wild violets that grow around them are in bloom currently - again both old fashioned flowers.

These photos are a bit of a mystery however. The day is very overcast and there was light rain for several hours which has only just stopped. But yet the photos, and in particular my block, look as though they are bleached out by strong sunlight. Earlier in the afternoon I posted a new discussion thread on the Grandmothers choice flickr page asking others to comment on how they take photos of their blocks. I will be very keen to read any responses.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

I doubt any of the other quilters working on this project create the lovely vignettes you do with your blocks! BTW: the photographers who write the blogs I read recommend cloudy days for best color for flowers.