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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Block 34 Coffee Cup - Not My Job Description

This week Ms Brackman gave us a fun block to create; a coffee cup. The history story was about women traditionally being designated the coffee maker in the office environment.  While I have no recollection at all of the Chicago Coffee Cup Protest of 1977 I do have my own experience to remember.

My first job (in 1971) was in the architectural office of a city council. I was the only female in the office and I did make the morning tea - one week out of three. On the other two weeks two of the young men also took their turn.

But I suspect you'd really rather see my block this week than hear about my beverage making history in the office environment.

I had a good looking fabric choice made and was all set to create a polka dot cup and saucer when my eyes fell on this purple fabric. It was the one I used in block 27 Grandmother's Dream and I thought it needed to appear again in the block collection so as not to stand out too much. To me this looked much more like a fine bone china cup from one of the great French or British china manufacturers. And since I seldom drink coffee I decided mine would be a tea cup.

I went rummaging in the china cabinets to create my photo. The Country Roses teacup on the left rear is from my mother's much prized collection while the one on the rear right (Lady Carlyle pattern) is from my own - both sets are by Royal Albert.  The balance are coffee cups. I'm wondering about the Cafe de Colombia one - are they all left handed there?

This was a fun block to make even with the addition of the applique. If you look at all the cups here none of them have that small round handle that was in the pattern for this cup so I decided to elongate my handle to be more accurate a depiction.

Only fifteen more blocks to go with this project. I wonder what blocks are still to come? Judging by a comment Ms Brackman made not too many more will have applique.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

I thought you might photograph your block with a bit of china - though I miss the Lemon Pig Mug.
I too pondered what the future elements of this quilt will be. I'm thinking I need three more than planned for my setting. I know what one of them will be, but it will be hard to choose two more before the last of the Blocks of the Week are revealed.