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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Block 31 Tinted Chains - Click

The history story and block for this week is all about women being chained to a life of servitude. As I had "abandoned" my household tasks of this week and spent at least twenty hours over at church helping with the flower arranging for the Easter celebrations I do not really feel as though I am chained to this house. While I "should" have been cleaning my home in readiness for Easter and buying the ingredients for our Easter dinner (much less planning it!),  I instead had the joy of working with glorious pastel blooms to decorate.

 This put me in a pastel and Spring mood so I tried to select fabrics for a more pastel look than my blocks usually appear.

Initially I looked at the block and thought those squares were too big and that I would instead make the more accepted version of Tinted Chains. That block has quite a few more squares and would give me more variety of fabrics. However, I looked at my blocks to date and decided I already had some that had those smaller squares and maybe I needed a block with bigger squares. This may be the first time I have used either of these fabrics so I will have to remember to use them again once or twice someplace in the upcoming blocks.
For my "fun" photo my thought was to arrange some chains around the block but a quick search out around the tool bench area did not come up with anything I could use. So I thought some "tinted chicks" would fit the need. And would remind me that I was making this block on Easter Day.

This makes for an altogether happier looking outcome than grim chains.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Happier, indeed. And chocolate is never a bad thing to combine with pretty things! The block does look great with the little colored chicks!