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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Block 28 Ocean Waves - My Friend Erma

The block story this week moved ahead in history to talk about women who had careers in what was a traditional male field when they began.  Alas, no navy or ocean related history in my past.  However, I was an architectural draftswoman at a time when there were very few in the field. Oftentimes in my classes I was the only girl but that did not cause any problems that I recall. The job descriptions in the local authority where I started work only allowed for draftsmen but I got the job anyway.

 When choosing my fabrics for the block this week I looked for fabric patterns that had the look of waves cresting. I found a couple and realized I had them in both colorways so that made the choice easier. Of course it did not make taking a photo that is exactly square any easier than usual.

Since last week I was all out of ideas for my posed shot I wanted to try hard this week.  The resulting photo is meant to convey that there are a lot of large ocean waves between me and New Zealand right now.

Sometimes it's good to have a little fun.

1 comment:

Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your last line and the photo just preceeding made me laugh out loud - that indicates some good writing.

Great choice of fabrics and I think this idea would make a great Ocean Waves quilt! I've wanted to make one so I'll have to keep your block in mind.

Yes, the woes of photography.... your block looks like it would be hard to piece with your points at varying distances from the edge- as does mine. But I paper pieced mine in strips and it is square and the right size. Only the photo of it isn't - as I'm sure is the case with yours!