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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Block 30 Grandmothers Choice block

If you have looked at the Grandmothers Choice blog post today you will see that the story for this week was all about the women who were imprisoned for their support of the cause in the UK. Conditions were very harsh and the insignia used on the clothing of prisoners was a broad arrow.

The block shown was one 8" block. I thought this would make a very domineering presence in a finished quilt so I decided to make an alternate block which is four of the broad arrow blocks scaled down. That allowed me to use a variety of fabrics to make it less of a standout.

 The prison uniforms seen in comics of my youth usually showed prison garb as being vertical stripes so I looked in my fabric collection to find some striped for the block. And then, inspired by Dustin's use of polka dots I found some coordinating dots to work with.

It was a great relief not to have a difficult block today as I am busy trying to get another project done.

This pattern reminds me of a symbol used to advertise some product - but what it is will tease away at my mind for hours more yet. Have you seen it in an advertisement?

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

But we did not get an "in situ" photo with this lovely block? Not that I have any great ideas how to "pose" it. This block did not come with a happy history lesson. Nice combination of the stripes and dots!