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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Block 14 - Bride's Knot - Invisible Women

Yes, I have felt quite invisible with this week's block! I had a problem getting it loaded on the flickr site which was finally resolved when I signed in with another account. That gremlin who lives in my computer and pops up from time to time to challenge me has been quite active this week!

But's the block:

 In making my fabric selections I first thought of using a fabric with circles on it to represent wedding rings. But it turned out the fabric I was thinking of did not really work. The one I then chose for right in the center is because that motif reminds me of old settings for engagement rings.

The churn dash block is a long time favorite of mine but depending on how you place your colors you can make the block look quite different. In looking back at last weeks photo I took of the earlier blocks together I decided to change those corner triangles so as not to keep repeating the placement.  What is my so called background fabric (the one I use in every block) usually appears on the corners so I sought to reverse that placement. Thus the medium green essentially becomes the background this week. And now I don't really see this as being a churn dash block.

 This ring is not what I call old but it does share a similar shape with that central motif.

And finally, I am back to using the map to stage my blocks. I became a bride in England so I have added in that page from the atlas. For New Zealand I pinpoint Martinborough where my mother became a bride and the Otago region where my grandmother became a bride. And I have placed my bridal rings along with my mother's ruby wedding ring on my block.

Alas, it was another case of having to go in the closet for the photos this week.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your ring and the fabric motif certainly do look like cousins if not siblings. Loved the map photo with the family heirlooms gathered together!

Oh yes, and the block of course is perfect.

Pip said...

I think the block looks like a knot with the pale fabric being the bridal gown, is that a bit fanciful. The centre fabric is really proving useful and is perfect for that block.

pinkdeenster said...

I quite like what you've done. The idea of the ring setting in the middle is brilliant (no pun intended)!

I've been thinking I need to make my constant fabric more of a "player" in some blocks and may use it as you have done yours. And, yes, of course this is immaculately pieced. I aspire to be as meticulous as you are.