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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Block 18 - Cheyenne - Wyoming Firsts

It is a dull overcast day on which we were promised snow; an altogether good day to stay in my sewing room and stitch up my block promptly.

I have been waiting and waiting to use this green and white fabric and this morning I was determined this was the day even if this was not necessarily the best block to feature it in.

Again we have a block that can change dramatically depending on fabric choices and placements. Those pairs of squares on the outer edges bothered me hence my decision to use very similar fabrics to make them less obvious. Using that green and white in the center was always going to make this a dramatic block so I decided to keep it simple by not using too many competing fabrics.

My plan had been to take a photo outdoors with a snowy background but really the snow turned out to be very minimal. Instead I thought I might pose the block with the matching flowers and looked over by the oriental gentleman. When we lived in Melbourne we went several times to Ballarat and Bendigo which were gold-rush towns that attracted Chinese migrants to work in the goldfields. On one of those trips I bought this garden statue in Bendigo. The story that goes with today's block mentions Esther Hobart Morris who traveled to Wyoming inspired by the gold-rush.

And now, having finished my GC block in good time, I will carry on with making the last 28 flying geese units that I need for the border of Strawberries and Cream.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Not having seen your block first, I had the same general notion about the two squares on the outside. Yours is so crisp and clean! The photo with your flowers and statue is gorgeous.