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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Block 17 Mother's Delight - Christabel Pankhurst

While this mother was sewing her block yesterday she was distracted by the delightful creations being worked on in the kitchen where her sons were working together to make a couple of cookie recipes. Every now and then I needed to go and give an opinion or advice about how to proceed.

As a result it was after dark before the block got finished and, again, I ran into photographing difficulties. The background fabric I use in all the blocks is not an easy one to photograph; it often shows poorly. In the bright light of today I have spent a few minutes with the camera to see if I can achieve a better result.

 The block this week will have made the beginners in the group feel very challenged. I decided to make templates using the blockbase pattern which further added to the time it took to get the block finished. I see on the flickr page that several people created a paper foundation pieced pattern and used that method although I'm not sure if it would have been much quicker or more accurate.

I'm showing you the result of the baking - M & M cookie slice on the plate and chocolate cherry cordials in the cookie tin. Before I can have a turn baking it seems there will need to be another trip to the supermarket to replenish ingredients.  The tree is what I won at our quilt guild holiday potluck party by sitting in the chair with the hidden sticker.

Merry Christmas!

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your purple and green color scheme seems very appropriate for the week - it looks great with your sparkly tree and treats.