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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Block 16 Capital T - Sarah Pellet

Hooray, it is a beautiful day outside and I am home during the day to not only make my block but take it's photos. On the down side I just got a message from my internet provider to say they are having difficulties so we'll see if I can actually post this!

Temperance meetings were, apparently, how some women gained confidence in public speaking. They took this experience with them to the suffrage movement. As we progress through this project many of us are gaining confidence in such as fussy cutting and careful stitching to achieve points and accuracy in block sizes. Now this is not going to change the world like our foremothers did but, hey, anything that improves my skills is rewarding.

When thinking about the audiences that Sarah Pellet and her temperance sisters were addressing I concluded that it was likely to most often be a group of men she faced. Taking inspiration from that I wanted to use fabrics that looked more masculine especially for that center square. This argyle pattern seemed to fit the need although it is a little disappointing that it is not printed square on the fabric but close enough was going to be good enough for me today!

Also today I wanted to acknowledge how my quilt sisters help me. Firstly I wanted to show you how I use Jo Morton's clipping trick on the reverse side to help the block lay flatter and let the seam allowances go in the direction they want to go. Then I also want to thank Rebecca and Gayle for listening to me whine about how difficult it is to sew seams when both seam allowances go in the same direction (I am challenged with this on my Strawberries and Cream project). Rebecca told me that she sometimes resorts to using the "height compensating tool" when stitching this type of a seam. When I said I didn't think I had seen that tool in my accessory case Gayle kindly lent me hers declaring that she never uses it. Of course when I checked all the way in the back of a drawer that does not pull out easily from the accessory case I found I did in fact have one of these gadgets. And it really does help!

Thank you quilt sisters, your advice helped me on the block this week.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Is that purple stripe the one you were running low on and wished you could find again? Whatever, it's a great addition to this block. I like your use of it in the place of the background fabric - it punches the graphic quality of the argyle up a notch.

Sheila said...

you did a great job of this block.. the fabrics all work well together