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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Block 13 - Everybody's Favorite - Universal Suffrage

It was after 9pm before I was able to be taking my photos for this block so it is another "in the closet" shot! The purple fabric color takes a "hit" in such situations and does not really show true.

When I was looking at the sample blocks made to illustrate Barbara Brackman's posting for this week I was struck with the notion that the block had eaten too much Thanksgiving dinner (i.e. it had a "chubby" look to my eye). The block base version looked more pleasing to me so I set out to use that pattern. And it was another week of dithering and dithering over fabric choices. I'm wondering if Georgann who makes the red and white blocks might not have a much easier time of it! But does she have as much fun along the way?

With it being dark and very cold outside there was no opportunity for any fancy setups for a photo this week. But since I had all the blocks out (I had carried them with me yesterday on a Black Friday trip to the fabric store sale) I thought it might be time for another group shot.

I see I need to make a few more blocks that use the more conservative fabrics in my pile. Another thing I cannot help but notice is the purple - when I began my notion was to use a green and white palette with just a touch of purple - seems to me the purple is being applied with a much heavier hand than first planned.

You'll also be wondering how I have a 16 block layout; 13 does not arrange nicely and I have two block 1s and two block 12s so it was a case of all together now and let's see that gorgeous Hoffman fabric that I found early on as well.

And now I'm off to see what else has been done this week. There are some beauties that's for sure.


Sheila said...

seeing all of your blocks together might be the impetus to get a shuffle on and play catch up.. they look lovely together

Pip said...

I don't think you are being too heavy handed with the purple, it is giving a bit of zing to the quilt.
I quite like your #13 block, I haven't made mine yet, I was thinking about using the BB version as well.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your Everybody's Favorite has a clean and elegant appearance and the group looks likewise.... well, except for the floral print which adds a bit of excitement, being so non-geometric in comparison to everything else! Looking at them in thumbnail, I agree with Pip - in most blocks, your purple serves as an accent. A couple of the exceptions - notably Alice's Star and the New York block, the purple does a bigger job because it was the right thing to do! Carry on!!