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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Exhibiting at Art Shows

In addition to my regular quilt groups I also belong to an art group. In that group we have opportunities to exhibit our work a few times a year in all-member all-media shows. After a few years I have found that there is a difference to what I show when it is with the art group than the quiltworks I exhibit in a quilt show.

I had taken this photograph last year but it got held up in the framing process and I was too late to exhibit it. When the annual all-member show rolled round again I was ready with my entry. Since each member could submit a maximum of two entries I thought it might be fun to try making a fabric interpretation of this photo.

Working quickly I was able to make this...

You'll see I moved the bottle slightly to the right, added in many more viburnum flowers and somewhat rearranged the phlox flowers. Then I had some fun with my bead collection. Trying to keep the interpretation close in spirit I "double matted" it and gave it a brown binding to imitate the (wider) frame.

This is what the photo looks like framed:

(Do pardon my reflection in the glass!)

This was a fun project to try and maybe I will attempt it again sometime with a different photograph.


Robin said...

Cool idea! And nicely done!

Dorry said...

Thanks Robin. It was fun.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

My immediate reaction was exactly what Robin wrote. You chose the image wisely, by the way. Perfect framing for both versions!

Dorry said...

Thanks Cheryl. There was some serendipity in coming across just the right fabrics for the background and "matting" at the right time.