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Monday, May 30, 2016

Morris Hexathon Block 4

When I decided to do this block of the week it was with the idea that it would challenge me. Yep, it is doing that. Again, I machine pieced the block. But the blocks are designed for english paper piecing and by golly, if there is another one with this many pieces in it I might succumb and use the english paper piecing method.

For week four we had a block that is a variation on the classic box design with seven tumbling or baby blocks in it, renamed for this project "Box Hill". The finished side of each little box is 1.33" and there are 27 pieces of which 14 had to be fussy cut and placed carefully when stitching into place.

At first I was pressing these with the box tops (the plainer fabric) all pressed out. But I didn't like the way that looked. Something I try to do when writing instructions for others to piece a block is to give pressing directions because it often makes quite a difference to the finished appearance of the block.

The pressing is not perfect but from the front side it looks better this way as the "lids" pop out now.

Next weekend is our quilt guild annual quilt show so I'm hoping for an easier block for block five as I'm not going to be home a lot to sew.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

The fact that you pieced this is so overwhelming, I almost didn't notice your skilled fabric choices and cutting. Brava, Colvinkiwi - I bow to you (as ever)!