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Monday, May 23, 2016

Morris Hexathon Block 3

For this week our story takes us to Camelot and thus is born the Camelot Star. The tales/legends of Sir Lancelot, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, Queen of Camelot were the particular favorites of William Morris during his university days.

 In choosing my fabrics for this block I wanted to somehow mark it as being for Camelot; figuring a crown might be easier to find (in the right colorway) than a knight in full body armor I headed out on a mission. Not exactly the easy mission but I did find this Jo Morton print - is it a crown? is it a jesters hat? Whichever it is it was the best I could find!

I know we are only at week 3 of 26 but it is always good to keep in mind how the blocks look together. And how they seem to change color each week. That slightly acid green is a difficult one to accurately reproduce on the screen. You'll note I now have three different hues of green and a couple of browns. Past experience with projects like this has shown me that they will all work out playing well together in the end once I have set them with something to unite them all.

What is also interesting is which is the top of the block? With fussy cutting there is often a specific "this way up" for the motif. On Barbara Brackman's blog she shows her hexagons with the pointy bit at the top and I have decided to adopt that position. I notice that some people do likewise and some people make a flat side the top edge.

For my closeout fun shot I went on a hunt (at home this time) for crowns to put with the block. Oh dear, the green does look quite acid in this photo with a green linen back drop. Maybe next week I will choose a different shade of green.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Nice little accent print for the center - not expected at all!