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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Morris Hexathon Block 2

For week 2 of this project we have moved a few miles away from central London out to the site of the Great London Exhibition in 1851; Crystal Palace.

Our block for the week is a basic six triangle hexagon. Despite the simplicity of the design (the construction is not really what I classify as simple!) this block gave me issues. What you see above is my second effort. I thought the fabric pattern had some vague resemblance to the swirling motifs Morris used based on nature.

It wasn't so much the construction of the block that gave me grief. No, it was selecting the fabrics.

What was more fun was setting up my own "Crystal Palace" for my posed shot. Lighting was a challenge as I was inside on the north side of the house in the very late afternoon shooting out into the green of the backyard.

This was my first effort. I spent at least an hour just fussy cutting but I am not sure it shows. Now I am wondering about adding some embroidered tendrils on the block as embroidery was also a feature of William Morris designs.

In closing I am giving you another shot of my Crystal Palace. A fun shoot.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Are you planning to make all the blocks in the series? Both of these are lovely and should be used- I wouldn't want to have to choose one over the other, that's for sure!

Dorry said...

I am indeed hoping to make all the blocks. If you go back and look at BB's inaugural post it shows a suggested set - but she goes on to say that this set uses either (a) 37 pieced blocks with two rings of pieced blocks or (b) 24 pieced pieced blocks with one ring of pieced blocks. To go with set (a)I would need 11 extra blocks beyond the 26 she is going to give us so I figure that at least every second block I need to make twice.
That's if I keep with the plan to make each block!
I have never made a quilt with hexagonal blocks before and have only a limited idea of how this is going to work out.