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Friday, September 6, 2013

Serendipity and Inspiration

You're likely wondering if I have turned off my sewing machine and thrown the dust cover over it as I have not posted in some weeks.  The answer is, no, I am still stitching away as I work towards getting all my Grandmother's Choice blocks set together.

A few weeks ago I discovered that a friend has just completed a small oil painting of the lavender fields in Provence. As you know I have been in a green and purple mood for a year or so and when I saw the painting I thought she must have painted it specially for me! Of course, she did not, but I decided I would buy it as I loved it. Serendipity you see.

I will need to find a better frame for the painting but I popped it into this frame I already had so I could photograph it with some of my Grandmother's Choice blocks.

Aside from the obvious attraction of the colors a lavender bush has a particular poignant memory for me. My Grandmother, who moved houses several times in her older years, loved lavender and always planted a bush in the garden of her latest house. In her memory I have been doing the same thing. At 5pm it is really still too bright for a good photo of some of my lavender but I hoped this scene might make up for fewer quilt photos!

But the way the colors in Begona's painting went so well with my quilt made me think of what fun it would be to make a quilt inspired by some of my other paintings. Sadly, unless I can find a load of extra time, I don't see that idea coming to fruition any time soon! But it is sure a lovely concept to think about. What inspires you to start a quilt?

 This day started off quite cool and I did not get my morning walk in until much later than usual. But that cool start translated into a beautiful day and I decided I could sit outside on the deck and get some more of the binding done on this quilt while I had my afternoon cup of tea.
A small group I'm in make quilts to give to wounded military men and women and this is one almost ready to donate.

Okay, I better get back to cutting my sashing cornerstones. There will be another break from the green, purple and white tomorrow as, it being the first Saturday of the month, a new Dixie Diary block will be posted and that needs me to be in the pink and grey mood.


Judy said...

I love your idea of using a painting for inspiration. I must add that to the list of possible quilt ideas. I love lavender as well and I always have at least one type in my garden. I hope Spring is just around the corner.
I have been back in Melbourne 2 days and the weeping cherry has begun to bloom. They resemble some of the colours in my Japanese Holiday.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

As Judy said, when I read this: "What inspires you to start a quilt?" I thought - now that would make an interesting Round Robin - one person starts with their inspiration, but no one else sees it - they just work off the original quilter's version. It would be like the school-child game of telephone to see the progression!

Your GC is looking very lovely and indeed, the little painting could easily have been the inspiration. Perhaps you telepathically inspired the painter? The group RW&B quilt is a really nice one - it looks especially nice in your photo displays. I think you are doing an excellent job auditioning for a quilt-photo-staging job!

pinkdeenster said...

Oh, that painting is just wonderful - I can see why it ended up with you. I am looking forward to seeing your completed GC top - I know it will be gorgeous.

I have a print I want to use as an inspiration for a quilt. I just found it again and will hang it in my quilting room so I can remember it's on my "to do" list.

I agree with Cheryl - your staging is excellent