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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Month 8 Confederate Silver

The first Saturday of the month calls for a new block in the Dixie Diary series. For this month's diary entry Sarah is discussing the poor quality of household items to be found in Confederate homes now that war has been under way for so many months. Confederate silver means, not silver, but rather old and beat up tin items, confederate flour means cornmeal, confederate bridles are fashioned from rope. Our heroine found it difficult to adjust to such deprivations.

Given the title of the block this month and my chosen color scheme I thought briefly of making my block from all silver colored fabrics. But then I thought I better stick with my practice so far of using both pink and grey in each block.
I had a little fun with setting up my photo. With the silver chest empty of all but a few mismatched items and all the good quilts gone this was as much as could be found in the fictitious Confederate home.

With my blocks being 6" I am still not inclined to cover up the centers with the suggested applique of a heart or star preferring instead to draw on the fussy cutting skills developed in the Grandmother's Choice project.

Four more blocks to go in this series. It is as well both projects do not finish at the same time. I have had a cascade of finish dates just now what with a "secret" project (can't be talked about/seen as it may be included in a book) due for delivery yesterday, my two year international round robin due as a finished top by August 18, the last block of Grandmother's Choice which means what's needed next is the assembly of the top and then this little block which came out Saturday.

So much for a long lazy summertime!

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Once you settled on the fabric choices, I'm sure that getting your interesting photo set up took far more time than sewing the block. I'm really happy about my decision to make 6 inch blocks - I suspect you are likewise!