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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Block 49 An Arc - Bending Towards Justice

This is the last of the forty nine blocks to be posted for the Grandmother's Choice project. And since that number of blocks makes for a square layout of seven by seven my plan is to be content with what I have.

However, if you look at the block title and look at my resulting block you can see I was perhaps not content with the block as originally posted. Yes, with just the one arc consisting solely of three blades there was a lot of empty space on that block that needed filling to my eye. First I added an edge (which now looks a little too bold perhaps?) to the blades but the space was still there. I thought about appliqueing one of the big purple or green flowers that have been in several of the blocks but then I decided that perhaps I could turn that flower into another smaller arc. And then I could reverse the color ways. 

I'm not totally sold on the result but I'll let it sit and mature for a bit before making a final judgment on the block.

And how to pose the block this week when I already have needed to amend the title ("An Arc or Two?"). Not having any lawyerly things laying about waiting to pose but having a big mess in my sewing space after making the block I thought that might make a suitable photo to close out this posting. 

Here are some of the things I used to create this block. My compass set and architect's pencil were purchased in 1971 as I started out in my career and studies as an architectural draftswoman. The most work they get now is drafting out quilt blocks; yes, I tend to be a little old fashioned in my approach.

For the upcoming Saturday Post Barbara Brackman has indicated she is going to discuss setting ideas to turn the blocks into a finished top. Many people have already got their assembly under way (I'm in that group) and some have even got their tops finished already (I'm decidedly not in that group!). However, I have the plan and have a goodly amount of progress made but the next step is to try and decide which block goes where.

I am getting very excited about hosting some friends from my international quilt group next week. Rhonda is coming from Canada and Judy from Australia. And if it works out Cheryl might also join us from North Carolina. So perhaps with all that combined quilt opinion under one roof I might be able to come up with an excellent layout of my blocks.

In the meantime I better clear off the cutting table and get the August Dixie Diary block made.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

the Chevron stripe: YES!
the secondary arc: YES!

Not your usual pretty setup for the candid block photo, but interesting!