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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Month 9 - The Hands of Strangers

What with Grandmother's Choice finishing some weeks back I had to give myself a refresher course in how to add my block photo to the flickr site on the Civil War blog. After a couple of false starts, I believe I had success.

For month 9 our Sarah is agonizing over the thought of strangers, and even worse, Union strangers, living in her beloved home and touching her things.

 I too agonized, ever so slightly, with this block. As shown on the Civil War blog, Ms Brackman divided only the center square meaning to symbolize the break in the Morgan family life. Since we already know Sarah never does return to her home I decided to "break" my block entirely in two. Somehow it seems more pleasing to my eye this way.

And you know I can't resist having a little fun with staging my block for a photo shoot. It's a hot day and I hesitated to go outside and accost strangers to photograph their hands. Instead I had a little scissor therapy session after tracing some hands. And if I don't tell you who they belong to, why, they become the hands of strangers don't they! And they all want to get their hand onto my block.

Alright, enough fun, I need to get back to my sashing sewing for Grandmother's choice.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your own variation on the variation - I like it! You're right, especially without the applique, the block with the center divided that way was off-kilter. Nice combination of fabrics -- I am especially taken with the subtle feminine nature of the gray paisley combine with the geometric one which reminds me of a fine silk tie.

Judy said...

I like the gray paisley too. The cut out hands are delightful! I had a real giggle thinking how I would move those around the house to surprise the boys in my life....I am sure they would be amused....