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Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Taking a While

for me to get my Grandmother's Choice top assembled. Things keep getting in the way.

In a week or so my son is going to an Animee convention and he wants to go in character (costume). And he wants to make the costumes himself.  A few weekends ago we spent an afternoon visiting the Op Shops (opportunity/secondhand/charity - call them what you will) for clothing items to use as the base for his costumes. Then we needed to go buy some more supplies at the fabric and craft stores.

I set him up with my spare sewing machine on the dining room table and he has been carefully stitching away. Now keep in mind there is no pattern to work with and I have not even seen a picture of what he is trying to create. However, I have been patiently (I hope) trying to guide him along to achieve the look he is after.
 Here is an action shot of attaching a red trim to the neckline of a white tee shirt. Last night saw the hem updated with red and only after it was on did I suddenly realize that we had not pre-washed that red knit fabric. Today, before we got any further I did the pre-wash and thankfully, no red running dye. So for tonight's activity, the neckline got the red treatment.
One of the stops we made in sourcing costume making supplies was the plumbing aisle at Home Depot. After several times of asking "can I help you" the HD employee cleared off leaving us to giggle about what he would have said had we told him the real truth about our "plumbing problem".

That dark blue fabric still on the bolt has yet to be converted into a hooded cape. I did keep suggesting we buy a pattern for that but I was firmly told "no". So I eagerly wait to see how that item is going to turn out!

In the meantime I am diligently stitching away getting my blocks together into a top. That's three yards of white fabric for the borders and three yards of chartreuse fabric (in the wide backing width) for the backing. Alas, this project, despite my best intentions to keep the size under control, has turned into a 98" x 98" (projected) finished size.

Just remind me next time that smaller is better!


Cheryl Kotecki said...

I certainly hope the costume designer/construction engineer (plumbing parts?) will be proud enough of the result to model for his Mum's camera and blog when the time comes - there's far too much suspense at this stage of the story!

pinkdeenster said...

I agree - please let us see the costume results!

As for the quilt - I'm sure it will be beautiful when completed. I believe I, too, have tried to keep things small and been unsuccessful. Sometimes, you just have to go with it!

Rhonda said...

yes, did the costume get made?