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Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 52 Christmas Star

Only one more challenge block potential to come after this. Yes, this week was another block that required me to be extra choosy with my fabrics as I did not have color variety to make the pattern successful. And since this was a grey/confederate block my stripe options were almost non existent - I had wanted, at first look, to make the wedding ring version with a striped fabric as shown on BB's blog.

But by digging deep into the grey stash and coming up with a few options I went ahead and cut fabrics. I chose what is meant to look like a Christmas rose for the center and four small triangles cut from the Santa's Beard (Jinny Beyer) fabric to go with the Christmas Star idea - oh, and then the fabric with the small stars on it as well.

I am certainly looking forward to being able to have a tidy up in my sewing room after next Saturday's block is made. Perhaps I'll find the week 50 Grapes of Wrath block then which is temporarily awol!

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Nicely done Dorry - this would have been a challenge to make in your analogous gray fabrics - you were up to it. You've managed to make one that is more the star than the ring, so it's Christmas indeed!