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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saturday 53 Union Shield

And at last, here is the final block in the Barbara Brackman Civil War block of the week project that I was following along with for the year 2011. Again, it was a block that was intended to be done in a red, white and blue colorway so was a challenge for someone working in a blue and grey scheme.

When it appeared I thought I would rather do it as an applique block but as the days passed I decided that I would make it a pieced block since that was the way BB presented it. It was enough that I was also going to take the liberty of including grey in what was called a Union block.

And now I must begin making the setting blocks. I see many participants have already completed their tops but I have had other thingss that needed my attention.

I have enjoyed doing this project; in particular I have appreciated the discipline of making a block each week but in addition I have discovered the value of fussy cutting when appropriate and I have honed my precision piecing skills. This is going to be a hard act to follow!

Doubtless, I can find many things to do this year in my sewing room. And those who know me and know how many half made projects there are in my room will just shake their heads and wonder which of those items will make it to completion. It's all about the process and having fun with it...right?


Sherrye said...

Dorry, I really like the inclusion of the "civil war" fabric at the top! So apropos.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

Did you create your own fabric for that top area of the shield? I don't remember anything quite like it appearing in previous blocks, but I certainly don't have a perfect memory!

Although it's not red/white/blue your block still has a very patriotic feel to it and will fit with all your other 52 blocks. Will they all make it into your quilt?

Dorry said...

The fabric in the top of the shield is from yardage. I also used it in the week 46 and 48 blocks. The current plan is for all blocks to be used although there are a small few under consideration for a remake.